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The used cars brought in to our company go through various recycle-rebirth. Some are checked and repaired to be reused, some are disassembled and utilized as parts, and some are classified finely and harnessed as new resource. Our company puts not only the domestic market but also the global market into a view, and collects all kinds of cars and industrial and agricultural machineries for every needs.

In this half century after WW2, the consumption society which was brought by KOREA's high economic growth seems to have worn out our hearts and spirits, along with the global environmental destruction.

Nowadays, the consideration of environment, or saving resources and energy saving are cried out for the future in 21st century. How to achieve a comfortable life with a rich spirit up ahead for the next generation is one of the big social problems. For that purpose, the posture and the efforts of each company is not a last thing required. But more than that, we think the consciousness to every individual person's living environment and custom is needed to be reformed. In every single piece or thing, there are an attraction that we care for.And those kind of awareness will then turn into the environmental protection.

That is the idea of feeling "Wasteful" which we have forgotten at somewhere a decade ago.

If there will be no change in the thoughts and the lifestyle of consumers, saving resources as the whole society does not progress. Here at KOREA Used car Auto Parts Co., Ltd., we do all this by recycling every piece of car parts that can be used again. We believe that our contribution of work as recycle automotive and parts will bring blissfulness society.


korea used auto parts

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