Easier to understand if already knew the story of the Japanese Samurai Warriors.

Tremendously fun and adventure

What it proves is that [Kim Han-min] has a gift for staging battles at sea that’s unparalleled anywhere else in the world. In terms of scope and sweep, the climactic action is the best we’ve seen since Master and Commander: Far Side of the World.

This movie really focused on the historical moment of the Admiral of the Joseon Dynasty, Yi Sun-Sin. Even outnumbered (56 vs 100 ships), He and two commanders fought the Japanese Navy, the three Generals. Joseon Navy won without any ships wrecked while 100 Japanese ships were wrecked.

The best thing about this movie is its really strong Japanese Samurai ambiance. Any Japanese cultural thing seems perfect from war armor to a movie set. Besides, the movie plot is great! The strong leadership & analytical thinking of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin is well delivered throughout its entirety. His strong chars easily to be sensed by audiences. Supporting actors are great too, such as Kim Sung-kyu as a rebellious Japanese samurai, named Junsa.

The huge cons are this movie worse than the sequel, The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014). Why? The sequel is much easier to understand, more focused plot, and Yi Sun-Sin seemed stronger chars & struggled. Compared to this, this movie is just standard quality, maybe coz the Admiral Yi Sun-Sin cast was different. But, this movie is still worth watching!

Nevertheless, this movie is motivating us with period war spirits to keep us remembering veteran services and our history in order to gain country freedom as today. Great to cope with our burnt-out, so watch it!

Exhausting video game or amusement park ride.

Park Hae-il as Yi Sun-sin, a Joseon admiral
Byun Yo-han as Wakisaka, a Japanese admiral
Ahn Sung-ki as Eo Yeong-dam, a Joseon naval Commander overseeing the southern waterways
Son Hyun-joo as Won Gyun, a defense-minded, presumptuous Joseon admiral
Kim Sung-kyu as Junsa, a Japanese samurai who defects to the Joseon side
Kim Sung-kyun as Kato, a Japanese general and Wakizaka’s military rival
Kim Hyang-gi as Jeong Bo-reum, a spy who infiltrates the Japanese enemy camp as a courtesan
Ok Taec-yeon as Lim Jun-young, a scout spying on the enemy’s movements

Movie Information

Director Han-min Kim
Writers Han-min KimHong-gi Yun
Park Hae-ilYo-Han ByunSung-Ki Ahn

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