A good recommendation for making people scream and laugh out of excitement, particularly due to creative stunts and escape ideas.

Unfortunately not bad guys but bad movie. The storyline is simplistic and quite predictable and the movie starts out slow when introducing the characters and their backstories. The characters at some point can be annoying especially the lady No-soon. The action and fight sequences are fantastic, and fun to watch but they’re very far-fetched especially toward the climax where they take on at least a hundred henchmen. The villains are clichèd but are terrifying and threatening enough so that does the job. The cinematography is good; it captures the intensity and struggle of the fight scenes well with some close up and long shots. The soundtrack and effects are satisfactory. And the performances are all good. Lazy evening, good pop corn, this is the right movie to add to the mix. It has a good balance of deadpan comedy and over the top action, it has the usual Korean production values and a great roster of well known faces delivering manichean characters, no risks of brain clusters but a definitive zygomatic exercise. To sum it up, if you’ve done your monthly duty of high brow movie going, treat yourself to this couple hours of pure entertainment.

Great performance, interesting plot, the fight action scenes.

Ma Dong-seok as Park Woong-cheol
Kim Sang-joong as Oh Gu-tak
Kim Ah-joong as Kwak No-soon / Jessica
Jang Ki-yong as Ko Yoo-sung

Must watch for the fans of the Bad Guys TV series.

A prisoner transport vehicle overturns and the dangerous prisoners escape. Korean gang boss No Sang-Sik (Jo Young-Jin), who worked for the yakuza, is one of the escaped prisoners. To catch the escaped prisoners, the police decide to once again form a special crime investigation team consisting of prisoners to catch the criminals. Detective So Oh Goo-Tak (Kim Sang-Joong) forms the new team with Park Woong-Cheol (Ma Dong-Seok), Kwak No-Soon (Kim A-Joong) and Ko Yoo-Sung (Jang Ki-Yong). The yakuza soon enters the picture.

Movie Information

Release date: September 11, 2019 (South Korea)
Director: Son Yong-Ho
Box office: US$22,277,969
Budget: ₩8.1 billion
Based on: Bad Guys; by Han Jung-hoon
Music by: Mok Young-jin

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