Terrific cast, direction, and writing with wonderful plot flips, themes, and perfect timing. Leokki manages to be funny, sweet, and warmly charming in one delightful film. Strongly recommended.

Funny and enjoyable Korean body-swap comedy

to see. I think remakes should bring something new to the story; it should be able to stand alone. This one does.

It’s a simple story of an assassin who falls and loses his memory. A poor, unemployed actor swaps identity with him not knowing that he is a criminal. They begin to live out each other’s lives.

I love how the lead blossoms in his new life as an actor and the romance that he finds. Yoo Hae-Jin is a fantastic actor and his quiet charm really comes through in this film.

There’s action, romance, comedy, and a few really touching moments. What more could you ask for?

A efective comedy. Love how it laughs about the K-Dramas clichés. Yoo Hae- Jin perfomance (as the profesional killer) was my favorite. He is so expressive and is not exactly a hegemonic Korean beauty which makes us love more their role. There was moments that I felt that the character deserved hug.

Nice heart warming movie that’s less known. Although the script is a bit improbable, its has good story that’s fun to watch and inspiring, and even if it isn’t a high budget with big star casts, this is much better than a lot of highly overrated and boring movies.

Delightful romantic comedy with an action spin.

Yoo Hae-jin as Choi Hyung-wook
A ruthless contract killer who goes through a memory loss and lives a life of an ordinary man trying to regain his memory while working part time jobs as a kitchen hand and action movie actor.
Lee Joon as Yoon Jae-sung
A 32 year-old unknown actor who suffers from poverty, until he deliberately switch identities with Choi Hyung-wook and begins to live a lavish lifestyle.
Jo Yoon-hee as Kang Ri-na, Lina
A paramedic who settles the hospital bills of Choi Hyung-wook and find him a part time job at her family restaurant. She takes care of Choi during his difficult time trying to regain his memory and supports his acting career.
Lim Ji-yeon as Song Eun-joo
An important witness who is asked to be killed. She lives in the same apartment complex as Yoon Jae-sung. After learning the truth Yoon tries to protect Song and builds romantic feelings.

Movie Information

Directed by Lee Gae-byok
Written by Jang Yoon-mi
Production Yong Film
Distributed by Showbox
Release date October 13, 2016 (South Korea)
Running time 112 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$47.4 million

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