This film equals the special chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.

Korea delivers a carbon copy of a slick Hollywood romantic comedy with Seducing Mr. Perfect, a serviceable romantic comedy that charms enough thanks to an all-out performance from Uhm Jung-Hwa. “Is it possible to find a love that won’t make me feel lonely? That makes me warm and happy?” This is a feel good romantic comedy that would keep you drooling til the end. Oh well, simply staring that Daniel Henney , those eyes, smile and the physique is more than reason enough to drool over this movie. educing Mr. Perfect is what every woman would dream of, which is, finding a handsome, successful, rich guy who is overflowing with charisma and would simply sweep them off their feet. That dream guy that would make them hate him and love him all at the same time.

The movie is beautiful.. not only does it overcome the language barrier.

Uhm Jung-hwa as Min-june
Daniel Henney as Robin Heiden
Baek Do-bin as Hong Dae-ri
Choi Jong-ryol
Holly Karrol Clark as Jennifer Cohen
Kim Ki-hyeon as Min-june’s father

Two completely opposite people, love is wonderful.

Min-june (Uhm Jung-hwa) is a believer in true love and always very dedicated to her current boyfriend. However, men always break up with her – her latest boyfriend ends their relationship on his birthday. Distracted by the latest break-up, she bumps into a car and a man steps out of it – who turns out to be her new boss, Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney). Heiden has very clear ideas about a relationship and love: both are a game of power and Min-june seeks advice from him, as she doesn’t want to get dumped again. However, when she starts to treat men like Heiden treats women, she realizes that she prefers her older behavior, even if that means that she gets dumped again; she doesn’t see love as a game of power and never will. Heiden, who has to deal with his own heartbreak, as he loved a woman so much that she had to shoot him to get the message across that she wasn’t interested in him, starts to soften at Min-june’s attitude towards life. He eventually falls in love with her and both get into a real relationship and a happy ending of their own. Instead of trying to make her understand that love is a game of power, he learned from her that love is the purest language of hearts; no need of rehearsals, judgements, hidings at all.

One of the unique concepts of the movie is that Robin Heiden speaks only English because he finds Korean hard to speak, while Min-june speaks mostly in Korean. The two seem to understand each other perfectly without any outside translation, although in the film it is explained that Heiden understood Korean but has difficulty speaking it. This was a new style of dialogue for Korean films, and it is partially credited for the film’s success.

Movie Information

Release date: December 7, 2006 (South Korea)
Director: Kim Sang-woo
Music by: Jung Jae-hyung
Box office: $4,147,509
Produced by: Cha Seung-jae; Kim Mi-hee
Languages: Korean, English

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