Nothing too heavy here. The premise you’ve seen before. But wonderfully told and acted.

Unlike the usual chaste K drama series this movie has people talking about sex and having one night stands. Movies always can be more realistic than dramas. The story is alright – and things come together quite well. A playboy propositions a woman he meets on the train to Busan. It’s quite fun to see how they do fall for each other properly. Moon Chae Won is a good actress I like to watch and Yoo is suited to the playboy.

Nothing too heavy here. The premise you’ve seen before. But wonderfully told and acted. Chae-won Moon in the female lead was especially good not just with lines but physically how she acted. Something not often seen in Hollywood. Some sections of the movie are very funny. Some are touching. A few serious. It never got too slow or deep. The only thing that keeps it from getting that 10th star from me is one character that was there for laughs on his own but I did not find funny at all. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed Mood of the Day.

The main key aspect of this movie is, it’s only revolving around two persons but still holds the interest of the viewers. I literally like the acting of main characters of this movie. Moon Chae-won and Yoo Yeon-seok are amazing in this movie and after watching this movie I became there fan no doubt. Specially, Moon Chae-won is superb. She can be anyone’s crush for sure. 

A surpisingly candid movie.

Moon Chae-won as Soo-jung
Yoo Yeon-seok as Jae-hyun
Jo Jae-yoon as Kang

Wonderful lighthearted romance.

Kim Jae-hyun (Yoo Yeon-seok) is a sports manager and former talented basketball player. His only wish is to send a novice and promising player Kang Chul to America. To fulfill his wish, he must head to Busan to find and convince Kang Chul. Meanwhile, Bae Soo-jung (Moon Chae-won) works in an advertising agency and must also travel to Busan for a business trip. The two meet on the KTX train and spend 24 hours in the unfamiliar city of Busan, South Korea.

Movie Information

Initial release: January 5, 2016
Directors: Jo Gyu-jang, Cho Kyujang
Music by: Kim Tae-seong
Box office: US$4.5 million
Written by: Min So-yeon; Jo Kyu-jang

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