As in any great comedy, the story grows more complicated as it unfolds.

Extreme Job is a solid popcorn flick, with enough laughs and thrills to keep the viewer entertained and this comedy balances its action setpieces – there are shootouts, extended fight scenes and car chases aplenty – with slower character-driven scenes that give viewers something to root for. Side splittingly funny from start to finish with unrivalled chemistry from each of the lead actors – it’s the action-comedy we’ve all been waiting for. Original, endlessly amusing, and ultimately gratifying, Extreme Job is a contender for feel-good movie of the year.

It’s a feel good movie through and through.

Ryu Seung-ryong as Chief Go
A determined but poorly performing cop. He is a dedicated worker who invests his retirement fund into the fried chicken business. Nicknamed the Zombie as he has survived 12 stab wounds.
Lee Hanee as Detective Jang
The team’s not-always-efficient problem solver. Nicknamed Jang-Bak (from Ong Bak) due to having been a kickboxing (Muay Thai) champion previously. Has a love/hate relationship with Ma.
Lee Dong-hwi as Detective Young-ho
The team’s determined goal-setter and the most serious member of the team. Rumored to have been ex-military and a member of the elite UD team with kills under his belt.
Jin Seon-kyu as Detective Ma
An financially unreliable cop with gambling tendencies. The key figure behind the success of the fried chicken restaurant. He uses his parents’ pork marinade recipe for exquisite taste. Is a showboater and an overconfident cop. Was a member of the South Korean judo team in the past. Has a love/hate relationship with Detective Jang.
Gong Myung as Detective Jae-hoon
The enthusiastic, youngest team member and cheerleader. Extremely gullible and childish. Has extraordinary resilience to blows due to being a high school baseball star and enduring brickbats for years.

A solid popcorn flick, with enough laughs and thrills

After failing their latest mission, a group of young narcotics detectives led by Captain Ko (Ryu Seung-Yong) are offered one last chance to save their career. They should carry out undercover surveillance of an international drug gang. Their stakeout location is a chicken restaurant. Things seem to work, but Ko is informed that the restaurant will soon go out of business.

Ko and his colleagues decide to purchase the restaurant, still planning to use it for their undercover operation. However, a rib marinade they have to improvise for a sticky chicken becomes an instant hit, and their chicken restaurant becomes famous for its food.

Movie Information

Release date: January 23, 2019 (South Korea)
Director: Lee Byeong-heon
Box office: US$120 million
Budget: ₩6.5 billion; (US$5.8 million)
Music by: Kim Tae-seong
Written by: Bae Se-young

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