It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a masterpiece of a Korean noir movie.

New World tries to expand the genre with nods to The Godfather but can’t escape the over-the-top acting, expansive violence and overdone story typical of Seoul-made crime dramas. Tense, dark, violent and brilliantly acted, if New World is any indication of what’s in store for the future of the Asian cop drama; harder, sharper, yet finessed and even elegant, then carry on Korea. Living up to the core of the noir tradition, New World takes a long view of the human species and dissects us with the cold, surgical blade of a laboratory scientist. Smart, sharp entertainment that meets expectations dead on…if you’ve been looking for another The Departed-esque movie to keep you guessing, this would be a good place to start.

The best acting and immersion of the actors.

Actor Lee Jung Jae – Character Lee Ja Sung
When he was a new police officer, he was scouted by Team Leader Kang (Manager Kang), infiltrated the criminal organization Gold Moon, and worked as a member for eight years, receiving absolute trust. There is a conflict between section chief Kang, who does not believe in him even though he is the same police officer, and the government office, which cherishes him with loyalty.

Actor Choi Minsik – Character Director Kang
Kang Hyung-chul, head of the National Police Agency’s investigation planning department. He infiltrates Jaseong, who was a new police officer eight years ago, into the gold gate for a disguised investigation. Chairman Seok Dong-chul of Gold Moon will further pressure himself by designing a Shinsegae project to intervene in the noisy Gold Moon issue due to the car accident and putting it in the hands of the police.

Actor Hwang Jeongmin – Character Jung Cheong
The real No. 2 of Gold Moon. Although he was a leader in the North Gate faction, three organizations, Jeil faction, Jaebeom faction, and Bukdaemun faction, joined together to create a gold gate for corporate organizations and enter under Seokdongchul. He has strong trust in Jaseong, a native of the same Chinese, who met for the first time eight years ago in his hometown of Yeosu and has been with him for every moment like his own brother.

A new but familiar crime movie.

“Let’s work together.” Kang Min-sik, head of the National Police Agency’s investigation planning department, orders a new police officer Lee Ja-sung (Lee Jung-jae) to investigate the infiltration as the nation’s largest criminal organization, Gold Moon, gradually expands into a corporate organization. And in the eighth year, Jaseong became the right-hand man of Jung Cheong (Hwang Jeong-min), the second-in-command of Gold Moon and the group’s influential figure. “Our brother just needs to trust Lee!” When Chairman Gold Moon suddenly dies, Chief Kang (Choi Min-sik) designs a “new world” operation that directly intervenes in the decision of his successor. In the midst of a bloodless and tearless successor war, Jeong Cheong (Hwang Jung-min) first met eight years ago in his hometown of Yeosu and sends stronger trust to Jaseong (Lee Jung-jae), who has been with him every moment like his own brother until now. “You promised…” This is the real end.” Meanwhile, Chief Kang (Choi Min-sik), who only thinks of the success of the operation, continues to tighten the neck of Jaseong (Lee Jung-jae). Jaseong (Lee Jeong-jae), whose identity is on the verge of being exposed from time to time, conflicts arise between the police who may betray him and Jeong Cheong (Hwang Jeong-min), who treats him with the loyalty of brothers…

Movie Information

Release date: February 21, 2013 (South Korea)
Director: Park Hoon-jung
Screenplay: Park Hoon-jung
Music composed by: Jo Yeong-wook
Box office: 31.7 million USD
Awards: Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor, Grand Bell Award for Best Music

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