“Squid Game” is a phenomenon and the most successful case in the Korean drama industry.
MY NAME is a South Korean series about a young woman seeking revenge for her father’s death with the help of organized crime. When 17-year-old Yoon Ji-woo (Han So-hee) witnesses her gangster father’s murder, she’s determined to find his killer. The police have no leads so she turns to her father’s best friend, Choi Mu-jin (Hee-soon Park), the head of Dongcheon, Korea’s biggest drug ring. Under his direction she joins the police force with the goal of serving as the gang’s secret agent to help her with her search. Five years later, under the name Oh Hye-jin, she’s assigned to the Inchang Metropolitan Police Agency’s narcotics unit, and partnered with reluctant Detective Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun). But Yoon’s boss (played by Kim Sang-ho) is determined to take down Dongcheon before he retires, and she must be careful.

A rewarding opening to its festivities with this thrilling first episode.

Netflix’s new series “My Name” has ranked fourth on a global streaming chart, following Netflix sensation “Squid Game,” the U.S. series “YOU,” and “Maid,” according to the streaming analytics platform FlixPatrol, Sunday.

The action crime series, which premiered on the platform Friday, topped the daily streaming chart in Korea on the day of release and ranked second in five other countries ― Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The series has ranked among the top 10 on charts of daily streaming rankings in various countries, including fifth in Mexico and New Zealand, and sixth in the U.S. and Turkey.

Directed by Kim Jin-min, who led Netflix’s hit crime series “Extracurricular,” the female-centric series revolves around a revenge-driven woman named Ji-woo (Han So-hee).

After witnessing her father’s murder, she follows in his path and becomes a member of the criminal gang he was part of. His father’s closest friend and gang boss Moo?jin (Park Hee?soon) supports her course of action to infiltrate the law enforcement agency related to the murder by impersonating a cop under the alias, Oh Hye-jin.

Going undercover in the narcotics team, she searches for the truth while working as a partner with the detective Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun).

The series is written by Kim Ba-da, who wrote the 2012 action series, “Hero.”

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