The tone of this show is enjoyable funny and tightly written so each scene is fun and not redundant and never painful.

Many movies are made on this topic – before and after this one was made. But this movie is genuinely hilarious without going over the top as well as has a nice overall theme. The trio, especially the little one, are outstanding. There are several subplots in this movie and each unfolds very nicely. The female actor, Bo-yeong Park would have at least been nominated for an Academy Award if this was a Hollywood film. It was enjoyable from start to finish. Basically a drama with little sporadic comedic bits just to not make it too deep or serious. While the story is familiar of daughter finding long-lost Father, the way it is treated is different. You can’t predict what comes next like others. The acting is so good (even if you need the subtitles) you really feel close to all the characters. When Hollywood uses this story, its always pure fluff or a comedy with no laughs. If you normally stay away from foreign non-English movies, this is one of the movies you really should try. A great example that some of the best movies are made outside of Hollywood. Must watch movie…!!

Easily the best cop tIts just a drama genre but great story plot

Cha Tae-hyun as Nam Hyeon-soo
Park Bo-young as Hwang Jeong-nam/Hwang Jae-in, Hyeon-soo’s daughter
Wang Seok-hyeon as Hwang Ki-dong, Jae-in’s son
Im Ji-kyu as Park Sang-yoon, Jae-in’s first love
Hwang Woo-seul-hye as Kindergarten teacher/Granny
Im Seung-dae as Bong Pil-joong, entertainment reporter
Jeong Won-joong as Bureau director
Kim Ki-bang as Director
Park Yeong-seo as Assistant director
Sung Ji-ru as Lee Chang-hoon (cameo)
Go Jun as Commercial film director

A brilliant comedy, well acted and impregnated with profound feelings.

Former teen idol Nam Hyeon-soo (Cha Tae-hyun) is now in his thirties and works as a radio DJ. A young woman named Hwang Jeong-nam (Park Bo-young) sends stories about her life as a single mother to the radio station Hyeon-soo works at, telling him she is going to meet her father. He then finds out that he’s her father when she shows up at his apartment with her son Ki-dong (Wang Seok-hyeon). She tells him that her real name is Jae-in and that her mother was Hyeon-soo’s first love Jeong-nam. Hyeon-soo doesn’t believe it at first, so they undergo a DNA test and the results confirm that they’re related. Jae-in dreams of performing on stage as a singer, but Hyeon-soo fears that if she does, their paternity scandal might get out. Because of Jae-in’s rising popularity, Ki-dong’s father Park Sang-yoon (Im Ji-kyu) finds her. They meet and chat, with Sang-yoon initially under the mistaken assumption that Jae-in is romantically involved with Hyeon-soo. When Ki-dong later goes missing at Jae-in’s performance, Hyeon-soo realizes that he really does care for his daughter and grandson.

Movie Information

Release date: February 14, 2008 (South Korea)
Director: Na Hong-jin
Box office: US$35.8 million
Music by: Kim Jun-seok; Choi Yong-rak
Cinematography: Lee Sung-jae

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