A mildly engaging, action-packed crime thriller, Cops battle warring gangs war in a solid, hard-hitting Korean thriller.

“The Outlaws” is a very entertaining if not quite first-rank genre exercise that reps an auspicious bow for first-time feature director Kang Yoon-Seong. Kang Yoon-Sung presents an impressive combination of true-story, crime, and action-thriller, with the added value that the film entails much humor, even in its most unexpected moments without losing its seriousness. The Outlaws is a taut and tight piece of police drama, as bloody, brutal, profane and violent as anything to have emerged in the last ten years. Cops battle warring gangs war in a solid, hard-hitting Korean thriller.

Cops battle warring gangs war in a solid, hard-hitting Korean thriller.

Ma Dong-seok as Ma Seok-do
A police officer in Seoul’s Crime Unit who fears nothing. He is given ten days to put an end to Chinese-Korean gang wars in the Garibong district.
Yoon Kye-sang as Jang Chen
A notorious crime lord, from Harbin, China, leader of Heilungbo (黒龙波, one of chinese mafia)who comes to Garibong to collect debts. He is known for dismembering anyone who puts up a fight.

combines action and crime for guaranteing entertainment

Based on real events that occurred in 2004 dubbed the “Heuksapa Incident”, the story follows a turf war that grows between a local gang that runs Garibong-dong in Guro District, Seoul and the Heuksapa gang from Yanbian, China; the police are called in to attempt to bring peace to the neighborhood. Jang Chen (Yoon Kye-Sang) came from China and now works as a loan shark in a seedy Chinatown area of Seoul. He’s backed up by his bloodthirsty henchmen Wei Sung-Rak (Jin Seon-kyu) and Yang-Tae (Kim Sung-Kyu). Jang Chen is beyond brutal in his methods to collect money. Meanwhile, Ma Suk-Do (Ma Dong-Seok) is a detective in the Chinatown area of Seoul. He tries to keep the peace, while two Chinese-Korean gangs battle over turf in the neighborhood. Jang Chen makes his move to take over.

Movie Information

Release date: October 3, 2017 (South Korea)
Box office: US$52.9 million
Directed by: Kang Yoon-sung
Language: Korean
Distributed by: Megabox Plus M
Production companies: Hong Film; B.A. Entertainment

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