A career-defining performance for Song Seung Hoon, this drama packs romance and passion in equal measure for a thoroughly engrossing watch.

The emotional is on point, the acts is not like hollywood perfect but you still can feel the feeling. Even I am truely impressed by the sex scene. The problem is the ending. The ending is too cliche, like every desperate romance movies. There’s a lot choices of ending outhere but why pick that one ?. But explained why the movie titled “obsessed”.

This movie may be a bit slow at first. But it perfectly develops the drama of war survivors and the complexity of feelings under those circumstances.  What makes this movie impressive is the time period and the choices the main characters make, given the way Korean society looks at those decisions. Overall, a good movie and well worth the watch if your into these type of movies.

Sometimes movies isn’t just about trying hard to get an applaud from an audience, sometimes it just have to target the feelings of the viewer so this movie is more like it. i could say this movie have caught me off guard of the struggling feelings of getting crazy over a woman. because basically i know that kind of feeling, the uneasy and always out of your mind, always thinking.

Anyways, this movie isn’t your typical interesting movie because this is more like a drama with conflict, the movie plainly revolves in two person, inspite of the fact that this movie lacks character build up and predictable and obviously plotted scenario. its still able to surprise you somehow at the end.

Grab your attention and the romantic scenes are passionate

Decorated war hero Colonel Kim Jin-pyong is on the verge of his promotion to general. From his commander father-in-law to beautiful wife, Jin-pyong is the subject of much envy and jealousy. But his affection for his wife has subsided long ago, and due to post-traumatic disorder from the Vietnam War, he suffers mental breakdowns and nightmares of the fallen soldiers under his command.

One day, Captain Kyung Woo-jin is transferred to Jin-pyong’s troop and he moves in next door with his wife Ga-heun. Jin-pyong encounters Ga-heun and instantly falls in love with her. He has never felt this emotion in his life and is confused by it. He is later invited to an event at an army hospital organized by the wives of commissioned officers, where they volunteer. A patient suffering from PTSD attacks Ga-heun, and Jin-pyong jumps in to help her. He saves her from the patient, but she gets shot in the process and is admitted to the hospital. She begins to develop cordial feelings for Jin-pyong for risking his own life to save her from the vicious attack.

Jin-pyong and Ga-heun meet in complete secrecy and share their own memories. Over time, their love for one another blossoms to maturity. As the two enjoy their secret love affair, Ga-heun receives a call that her mother is ill and immediately goes to the hospital and there they are met by Ga-heun’s mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law raised Ga-heun when she lost her family as if she was one of her own children, and Ga-heun’s guilt leads her to end her affair with Jin-pyong. He has no choice but to go along with her decision.

Jin-pyong has a hard time getting over her, and he schemes to falsely accuse Woo-jin for something he did not do, but the scheme does not work. It is a living hell to see Ga-heun giving him the cold shoulder, adding to the fact that she is so close by, being in the same base, and living next door to her.

Jin-pyong is finally promoted to general, and a celebration party is held. Ga-heun and Woo-jin also attend the party. Jin-pyong is surrounded by people congratulating him, but he can only scan the room for a glimpse of Ga-heun. He gets drunk by the end of the night, and not being able to contain his feelings any longer, he shouts why she had to leave him, completely exposing their secret affair to the entire army.

In a fit of rage for insulting his daughter, his father-in-law decides to send Jin-pyong back to Vietnam. Jin-pyong pleases Ga-heun that he’s willing to give up his army career for her. But she says she’s not so in love with him that she’s willing to give up her life. He is devastated by her response and attempts to commit suicide. He fails even that and leaves the base for Vietnam.

Two years later, while attending an official party, a group of Special Unit men approach Ga-heun. They tell her that Jin-pyong died on the battlefield, and give her one thing. In his dying moment, he reached out for a polaroid photograph of Ga-heun and himself. Even though the affair was short, the polaroid captured a happy moment of the two ballroom dancing. On the back, a short phrase is written on it – “My Love”.

Pretty faces. Enticing. Very much watchable.

Song Seung-heon as Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong
Lim Ji-yeon as Jong Ga-heun

Jo Yeo-jeong as Lee Sook-jin, Jin-pyeong’s wife
On Joo-wan as Kyung Woo-jin, Ga-heun’s husband

Movie Information

Directed by Kim Dae-woo
Written by Kim Dae-woo
Cinematography Byun Bong-seon
Music by Lee Jae-jin
Distributed by Next Entertainment World
Release date May 14, 2014
Running time 132 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

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