The buffet-style of crime capers it’s a slick diversion, engagingly assembled and acted.

The storyline is made simple with an easy to follow twist. It may seem to underestimate the viewers, since some of us able to guess the storyline from the early parts of the movie.The main character is too comical, but who stole attention is an antagonist character. This is a really good caper, well made with just the right amount of mystery and corn to make it an interesting watch. The direction is smooth and the cast is winning. Worth a watch. m. Fantastic screenplay! The actors perfectly executed their respective roles. You have to pay attention to watch. Because of this movie had surprises in many scenes. It’s funny like crime movies do. The story could be guess if you are a crime fans.

An entertaining if mostly routine con-game thriller.

Hyun Bin as Hwang Ji-sung
Yoo Ji-tae as Prosecutor Park Hee-soo
Bae Seong-woo as Go Seok-dong
Park Sung-woong as Kwak Seung-gun

It’s a slick diversion, engagingly assembled and acted.

A con artist who had been reported dead after committing a grand fraud case is rumored to be alive. A prosecutor, Park, who was in collusion with the con man needs to eliminate him to avoid a corruption scandal. When tracking down the con man, Park meets another fraudster named Ji-sung who is also after the same man for a personal revenge. Realizing their mutual goals, they decide to team up, but with hidden motives.

Movie Information

Release date: November 22, 2017 (South Korea)
Director: Jang Chang-won
Box office: US$28.9 million
Production company: Showbox
Music by: Bang Jun-seok



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